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Synapius R&D Lab


Cerebro cardiovascular analyses.


Pneumatic Controlled Circulation (PCC)

A technique to control peripheral tissue perfusion artificially synchronous with the cardiac action.

Based on the CCVA


Synchronized High Frequency Jet Ventilation


Diastolic Time Constant


Cardio Alveolar Respiration Pump

All research,theories and clinical trials are based on the Matrix Resonance Theories  of Tom Mostert

Clinical research was performed at:

 Erasmus University Rotterdam The Netherlands Dept. of anesthesia

 Academic hospital Utrecht (AZU) The Netherlands Dept. of anesthesia

 Municipal hospital Dordrecht The Netherlands

 CDL Academic hospital Groningen The Netherlands

 And several other locations.

Technology and prototyping:

 TMPhysics The Netherlands

* These names and expressions are assigned the first time by Tom Mostert


In the nature matter seems always to form structures . Despite forming physical structures it needs energy. Every structure is trying to go into the lowest energy state continuously. Viewing a structure from different viewpoints it might show a different structure. Just a point view!

Scientific research is a process of looking for structures and behavior (behavior is also a structure!).  To recognized structures it is used to compare it with model structures. These model structures are trained at school and the rest of your life you interpret every thing as you is learned. I tried to get rid of my pre-formed model structures and studied the nature from different point of views. That means forming another set of ‘model structures’ to work with. It is not necessarily that the model structures are true or real. It is just a matrix to compare  with (a working model).

The most accurate way to study a dynamic system is to filter it to one of its own structures.  

A nice application is the clinical monitoring in anesthesia and critical care. The longer the matrix will fit in the observed system the greater is the possibility that it yields a more or less real image of the structure. Thus projecting a structure to another structure yields a third structure.

That is in short terms the base of my Matrix Resonation Theories (MRT). In my medical life research I discovered a lot of quite interesting phenomenon,s and information about life. I found phenomenon’s in life science which was hardly to see from the usual point of view. Processes became visible which were not discovered yet. Applying this ‘new’ sort of science in medicine it founds a very promising tool with proofed amazing results.


Tissue regeneration during the deep sleep phase IV has been studied and amazing phenomenons were discovered.

Applying this natural process as forced artificial regeneration led to the PCC technique. Applying to limbs works very well.

Is it also possible to apply it to the whole body???

Theoretically it should be possible.

What will be the consequences and the possibilities?