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Synapius Scientiarum Medicae

Who is going to pay that?

Department of medical affairs or social affairs?

Result: one year discussion without result

Scientific publications refused because no references in the list of references.

Result: impossible to publish new developments.

NEVER BE THE FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clinical trial over twenty years ago?

Out of date!

The medical science has changed so much and now we use far better medicines so that less patients are hospitalized.

Result: no reason for PCC

In a meeting with surgeons. All the surgeons of an hospital were quite positive and interested but refused suddenly further support.


Do you realize that over 40% of our turnover comes from this group of patients. I’m not giving my support.


All others agreed!

End of PCC in that hospital

Just a few remarkable reactions during my attempts to introduce clinical PCC application for the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases.

Wife and daughter, of one of our first patients treated with PCC with very positive result, wanted us to stop further treatment because we were doing work only GOD may do that.

Result: I stopped further treatment.

If PCC works so well then it should be already used!!!

No interest.

Result: end of story

I can amputate a leg within 15 minutes.

How much time and how many treatments do you need for PCC?

Result: I captured, you are quite right. Maybe 25 years and a collection of thousands amputated legs later.

We are quite impressed of the results. But do you know, Tom, your fault is that we cannot make pills with your developments.


Can you show us publications about PCC?

No..?  No interest!

Result: result of what? PCC? Never heard of it!

Tom Mostert
Synapius Scientiarum Medicæ