DNA is the data set of living organism

Matrix resonation is the mechanics to create and control life structures

The blood circulation plays a very important role  in life systems. It is not only used for nutrient transport but also as a data carrier.

The information carried by the arterial flow is decisive for the quality of maintenance and new tissue growth. The whole body control is based   on one major or fundamental reference specific for each individual body.

The blood circulation forms the information exchange between structures and organs to develop optimal synergy. To maintain references throughout the body several anatomic structures, of the arteries, exists to compensate and equalize small differences caused by e.g. left and right differentiation.

The basic reference of the peripheral circulation is obtained from the Aorta. While the basic reference of the cerebral circulation is obtained from the collateral arteries.  (circle of Willis).  This collateral arteries equalize left/right  differentiations to form a uniform reference for the cerebral perfusion..

And not, primarily to prevent circulatory obstruction, as assigned by others in current text books and publications.

The collateral reference must be very precisely similar to the Aortic reference. The communicating arteries equalize possible modulations from the periphery. From this point on a lot of information will be added to the stream until  it  enters the venous system.




The base corner frequency of the arterial vascular system of all organs, belonging to the same body, is developed to a specific value to form the highest level of synergy. As long as the quality factor of the arterial system is high enough tissue growth and tissue regeneration occurs only conform these values.

The immunological resistance is also based on this system.

If the arterial vascular  system changes, for any reason, for a particular area diseases, degeneration or tumors might develop.

A highly effective treatment is to restore artificially the original value for the differentiated body part.

To treat peripheral vascular diseases I developed the Pneumatic Controlled Circulation PCC technique to force the perfusion according to this natural value. This technique can be used as long as the area, to be treated, can be technically controlled by external pressure control.


Tom Mostert
Synapius Scientiarum Medicæ