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Synapius Scientiarum Medicae

A short essay of the origin and the red core during my life’s scientific adventures.

What’s the meaning and goal of this, science fiction like, obsessive way of exploration?

Stem cell therapy

A Promising future

Just a point of view.

A consideration on how we proceed.

Matrix resonation is a process between structures to yield other structures. This process works conform the classical mechanics while the resulting structures may have properties not belonging any more to the classical mechanics. This is assumed to be life.

The communication between life structures is not only hormonal but also physical. The blood flow for tissue perfusion not only holds chemical neuro transmitters but also physical parameters to control the perfused tissue area. It controls the way protein is composed. Experimental Physics in life science and medicine studies this life control process.

It also studies the implementation in medicine.

Clinical trials yield amazing phenomenon's and results.